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Excel Seminars

Our seminars provide your management team with all of the tools needed to streamline your human resource efforts.

  • Effective Hiring Practices

    This seminar will walk your through the whole hiring process. We discuss legal aspects of hiring, best practices, interviewing do’s and don’ts, sample interview questions and making the hiring decision.

  • Employee Disciplinary Action and Termination Process

    This seminar is designed to help give leaders a better understanding of what progressive disciplinary action is and how it affects the organization.

  • Performance Reviews

    Detailed and honest performance reviews can strengthen employee relationships, improve productivity, provide an objective and consistent basis for employment decisions, and help employers defend against legal claims.

  • Employment Law

    Employment Law – We will go over what you need to know regarding employment law and how to comply, and how they affect your business.

  • Harassment and Workplace Violence

    This seminar goes into detail about laws surrounding harassment, how harassment can affect the workplace and investigates the legality if handled incorrectly.

  • Effective Leadership and Management Practices

    We define what makes a good leader, coach and manager and we help you determine your leadership style and how it adds value to the overall organization.

  • Business Skills I

    In this very interactive seminar we dive into two areas of business: Customer Service and Communication Skills. The purpose of this seminar is to help employees communicate more effectively with customers, both internal and external. We also look at taking customer service to the next level. We tie it all together to how these can affect profitability and customer loyalty.

  • Business Skills II

    Workplace Diversity and Generational Difference rounds out our business skills series. Here we focus on how everyone is different and everyone can bring something to the table. We also look at how to value this in the workplace.